8 Things Women Dislike
Are You Doing Any of These?

Focusing on the negative is unproductive, so we’ll make the list of what women dislike in men short and to the point.
By the end of the page you'll find the solution to dissolving all these behaviors that make women never want to see you again.


When things go wrong in life (as they often do), use it as an opportunity to learn and grow, rather than complaining or sulking about it. Your complaints may be fully justified; but you must realize that complaining, you focus on what you don’t like and end up attracting more of the same.

Whenever you catch yourself complaining, make a conscious decision to just stop.

Casting Blame

Women Dislike

Living means making choices and every choice you make has consequences, which you are responsible for.

Blaming others (even when others are to blame) means lacking personal responsibility.

Constantly blaming others means that you view yourself as a victim and feel others (or external circumstances) are causing all of your hardships.

This way, you inevitably surround yourself with negative thoughts, anger and resentment - sure ways to bring on stress, depression, and ultimately, disease.

Who do you think would like to be around you?? No wonder women dislike this trait in a man.

Justification or Making Excuses

When you make excuses or give justifications, you don’t take responsibility for your own life. However, taking responsibility for yourself is not only the adult thing to do, it's the right thing to do.

Needing to Be Right

Be completely honest, do you believe you are almost never wrong? If you do, you are very likely avoiding personal responsibility. This is a defense mechanism learned at an early age, which doesn’t work for you as an adult.

When you refuse to see your own errors, you lose the opportunity to change the very aspects of yourself that keep you stuck.


Unless something very tragic happened, if you cry in front of a woman, your manly image is gone. She wants to be with a guy who’s strong, emotionally stable and has the capacity to protect her. Yes, she may want a sensitive man, but this doesn’t mean being unable to control your emotions.

If you need to do some emotional cleansing and feel like crying, that’s nothing wrong with it, but do it by yourself, man.

Complaining, blaming others, giving justifications, insisting we are right, crying are things that - as kids - we all have done. For example, parents were asking, "What’s wrong?" wanting to hear what’s bothering us, so they can make it right. Or, we may have given justifications or blamed a brother or a playmate to bail ourselves out. We learned to express frustration and helplessness by crying, so an older caretaker would come and pacify us.

But as adults, these childish things are simply unacceptable and women dislike strongly immature behaviors in a man.

Arrogance and Being Cocky

Women Dislike

Arrogance is a total turnoff for women.

You may be intelligent, capable and hot - and be aware of it, but don't be a smart ass about this.

Arrogance is a sure repellent for women.

If you are good at something, let women find out on their own. No one appreciates a guy who’s full of himself and always talking about his successes.

While confidence is a good thing, cockiness or being arrogant is not cool.

Unfinished Talks

Women dislike talks left unfinished a lot. You may have said, "Let me get back to you on that" to get more time to think about or decide on something. But make sure you do get back to her, because she will wait for you to keep your promise. When you don’t come back to finish your discussion, she thinks that your "let me get back to you on that" was just a convenient way out of a conversation you don't like.


Are you just "along for the ride" - wherever it may take you? Are you indecisive, "wishy-washy", just "going with the flow"? It may be convenient for you, but women dislike this in a man.

Women like men with initiative, who are willing and able to make decisions, real men who are in control of their life.

So you must stop self-doubt and insecurity that may have been holding you back from being successful with women for years. You must become the centered, relaxed, confident man that women feel deeply attracted to and instantly respect... even before you say a word.

How do you do this and automatically dissolve the behaviors women dislike?

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