What Do Women Want?
Find Out How to Make Women Want You!

Are you trying to solve the puzzle of what do women want... how to make women want you?

What Do Women Want

You are not alone! Men everywhere ask:

  • How do women think?

  • How to talk to girls, what do they want to hear?

  • What do women want in men, and what do they want in bed?

They’re all good questions and they’re all about what women want. But if you want a quick, general answer, you’re going to get a hopeless answer.

That’s why we’ll take each of these questions separately. To read more details, click on the link at the end of the section that interests you most.

Before we start...

So let's start with...

How Women Think

They let their imagination go wild with (sometimes futile) WHY-NOTs and WHAT-IFs. Different than us, HOW-TOs are not necessarily their strength. Most times they have conflicting thoughts about their work, relationships, parents, children, food... about pretty much everything.

Here’s more about how women think >>

How to Talk to Girls

Let’s say you walked inside a crowded room and caught a girl’s attention... you can sense her gaze... you know that she likes what she’s seeing by the way she flirts. What’s the next step? Well, you have to follow it up by talking to her.

But how do you talk to her so that by the end of your conversation she's not only interested in you, but irresistibly attracted to you? Find out more about how to talk to girls >>

What Do Women Want to Hear?

What women want to hear depends on what kind of women we are talking about and what kind of relationship you want to have with them.

For example, if you’re looking for a long-term, deeply rewarding relationship (or are in a relationship that could be improved) and want to learn what women want to hear - real women - exciting, smart, beautiful women who will love and respect you for who you are, take a look and find out more about what women want to hear >>

What Do Women Want in Men?

If you think that what women want in men is looks, or smarts, or money, or power - or all at the same time, think again. Some shallow women do, it’s true.

But the type of woman with whom you’d want to have a solid, long-term relationship is after something deeper than that. Learn more about what women want in men >>

What Women Dislike in Men

Complaining, blaming others, giving justifications, insisting we are right, crying are things that - as kids - we all have done. But as adults, these childish things are simply unacceptable and women dislike strongly immature behaviors in a man.

Here's a short and to the point list of what women dislike in men >>

What Women Want in Bed

You may have heard that what women want in bed is a more sensual, unrushed foreplay. You may also know that they hate it when you just fall asleep after making love without cuddling and kissing, right?

But do you know exactly what they want in between?

Whether you’ve been married for years or just in a new relationship, is never too late to discover what your partner wants in bed and the delicious difference between merely having sex and making love. Discover what women want in bed >>

After you read everything that is to read on the Net about what do women want, remember that knowing YOUR woman and her personal preferences is much more important than all the tips you could find on a website. So pay attention, ask her, try out some things, get her feedback and adjust accordingly.

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