How to Crack Women’s Body Language with
10 Types of Flirt Signals

The following list of ten types of flirt signals will help you understand women’s nonverbal messages, whether you’ve been married for a long time, or completely inexperienced with women. We’ve compiled this list for you so you can learn to read these flirting signals of attraction and become able to flirt more successfully with women, in a way that you won’t get rejected.

As you’ve already found out, the signs of flirting are often displayed unintentionally and unconsciously; nevertheless, they communicate volumes in just a few seconds. Most types of flirt signals range from being very subtle to being very obvious, depending on what kind of girl and how bold she is.

Types of Flirt Signals

Here it goes.

#1. She’s glancing over and makes eye contact while raising her eyebrows; or, she sends you a lingering look followed by either looking away or a starry, fixated gaze.

#2. She’s blushing when you look intently at her - either in the cheeks or around the lower neck and upper chest area.

#3. She’s openly smiling at you with her face lit up, she’s laughing and giggling at your comments or jokes (even without reason).

#4. She’s displaying various body movements like arching her back, stroking her body, tilting her head to expose her sensuous neck area, licking her lips, moving ostentatiously her arms and legs, i.e., the famous "leg cross".

#5. She’s playing with her hair, i.e., twirling it or tucking it behind her ears, taking it down and tying up again, and flicking or tossing it (a woman’s hair is a source of power for her).

#6. She’s playing with accessories, like fiddling with a button of her jacket or letting a shoe dangling off her toes.

#7. She’s sticking out her hips and/or walks in a swaying way towards or away from you, unconsciously trying to draw your attention to her hips and pelvic area.

#8. She’s dancing alone at a party or in a club - this spells out loud and clear, "I’m available and on my own".

#9. She’s leaning in closer to you, touching your arm, knee or face, playfully punching or teasing you.

#10. She’s initiating a conversation, complimenting you, whispering in your ear, or even engaging in double entendre, which is a word or expression with two meanings, one usually with a sexual implication.

So here you have it, 10 types of flirt signals in a gradual progression, from the most ambiguous to the most daring ones.

But you must understand one more thing. Flirting is not an exact science; it is as complex as dating. None of these flirting signals is to be taken by itself, out of context; look at them cumulatively.

With women, it’s very easy to misread friendly gestures as flirting signals of attraction.

If you notice at least four of these types of flirt signals, you can be almost certain the girl is inviting you to go forward; so, approach her and do a little flirting of your own, but delicately. Why delicately? Because getting cocky when you see a woman flirting with you will turn her off.

Also, you want to avoid being accused of sexual harassment. The difference between flirting and sexual harassment is often blurred, so how can you be sure you don’t cross this fine line? Well, sexual harassment leaves the other person feeling offended or humiliated. If the girl you’re talking to makes it clear that your flirting is not welcomed, stop.

So, if you want to be certain that sexy lady is genuinely flirting with you, remember these ten types of flirt signals, follow your heart and enjoy the game!

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