Ten Tips to Make Her Feel You are a
Romantic Couple

Plus a Yummy Surprise!

If you’re like most men, the idea of a romantic couple is probably not very appealing, especially if you are in a new relationship, right? But remember that for women romance equals foreplay - big time.

Romantic Couple

When you learn the secrets of becoming romantic - watch your sex life explode!

What do you think your body language would say to your girlfriend?

Your body language lets her know whether you’re really into her or you still need to cultivate your relationship more to become a romantic couple. The question is: how do you ease into a romantic relationship?

Start by observing how other couples act, then follow their example. Then, try some of the things romantic couples do on a regular basis.

Romantic Couple

1. Romantic Couples Hold Hands

Some couples definitely act like strangers when inside the movie house. They move away from each other, buy separate popcorns and look at the screen the whole time. Romantic couples cuddle together regardless of the genre of the movie you’re watching.

Romantic Couple

2. Romantic Couples Kiss in Public

Who cares if you’re outside, the rain is pouring, and you and your beautiful girlfriend are getting progressively soaked?

You don’t even notice the crabby old lady shouting, "get a room!" from the balcony upstairs. You’re cheerful and in love, so what does the world care if you share a smooch or two in public. In your opinion, the world would be a much better place if everyone would just kiss and make out - or make up, it doesn’t matter which.

Romantic Couple

3. Mimic the Other's Mannerism and Clothing

When you behave like a romantic couple, you dress up in the same colors and you mimic each other’s actions, prompting your friends and family members to say, "what a cute couple!"

You get studio shots of the two of you wearing the same outfits. You might not like it, because it’s cheesy and corny. But consider this. Who cares? You’re carefree and in love!

Romantic Couple

4. Don't Limit Gift-giving to Holidays

Everyday you’re together is a holiday. You think of excuses to celebrate and end up with made-up holidays like "Kiss-fest holiday" or "The Kiss-mas season".

Romantic Couple

5. Have a Good Stock of...

...sexy or romantic coupons to redeem: "The holder of this coupon is entitled to 30 minutes of full-body massage (candles and scented massage oil included)".

Or, "This coupon entitles the bearer to a candlelit, scented bubble bath with the coupon giver", or "Redeemable for one romantic dance together preceding an evening of sensual seduction".

Romantic Couple

6. Cook Together

Romantic Couple

She strains the pasta, you mix in the chicken; she sets the table, you pour the wine...
Nothing is a stronger aphrodisiac than cooking together and enjoying romantic meals lit by a couple (or a dozen) of candles.
Lick the sauce from each other’s finger, share the ice cream and drink from the same glass...

Romantic Couple

7. Send Romantic Text Messages...

... while you're together. There’s nothing cheesier than sending "I love you. Kiss me goodnight" to someone you’re with at that moment, but a romantic couple will not see this as cheesy. It’s romantic!

Romantic Couple

8. Use Romantic Nicknames

Yes, it's extremely cheesy, but really effective in deepening your connection with your lady. Some creative couples have special nicknames for each other, while others are content using the generic ones, like honey, sweetheart, darling, baby or luv.

Romantic Couple

9. Enjoy Getting Lost...

...while driving upstate using that opportunity to make love inside the car until a highway patrol comes over to offer directions ;) No one’s around anyway, so instead of fighting because of a map that she left behind or because your lack of planning, why not enjoy the thrill?

Romantic Couple

10. Don't Let a Fight Last...

...more than a few hours. After a lover’s quarrel, show up on her doorstep with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Hug and kiss her, apologize if that’s the case, and everything’s right again.

Seeing a romantic couple openly expressing love and affection inspires you to try more ways to be romantic with your sweetheart long after you’ve moved in together or got married.

Romantic Couple

Keep treating your woman with romantic gestures to make sure your relationship will always be exciting and fun!

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