End Your Relationship Trouble with these
Three Relationship Basics

"Going back to basics" is used in athletics, but as you are a team, relationship basics are the fundamentals needed to keep your intimate connection in top shape.

If you are like most men, you weren’t provided with an instruction manual on how to interact with women.

You often model behaviors that you’ve seen while you were growing up, which often don’t work in today’s world.

You know that love alone is never enough.

So whenever you experience any relationship trouble, go back to the basics and see which ones need your attention.

Along with good communication, trust and compatibility, these three relationship basics are so important that they completely control the quality of your love life.

  • Are you committed to your relationship?
  • Do you have a developed emotional intelligence?
  • Have you discussed your relationship expectations with your partner?

Let’s take them one by one. But before...

Relationship Basics #1: Commitment

When you’re truly committed as a couple, you turn towards each other to resolve any issues and concerns. You don’t give yourselves the option of exiting the relationship as a way to resolve your common relationship problems during the Power Struggle stage.

Commitment is a formal event or public declaration of some kind between two people that they have decided to have a permanent, exclusive relationship. Commitment is explicit and unambiguous. It requires an alignment of actions and attitudes for both of you.

Living together, spending your time and money together, exclusive sex, making plans for the future, meeting each other’s friends and family are all committed actions. These actions make your woman believe you are mentally and emotionally committed, and ready to commit formally as well.

Do you want the benefits of a committed relationship but avoid committing formally? You won’t be able to have a successful relationship with the woman you love until you deal with your fear of commitment.

Relationship Basics #2: Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence means being able to display empathy and feel, effectively express or manage your own basic emotions like happiness, love, optimism, sadness, anxiety, anger, fear, shame. One of the best ways to increase your empathy is through meditation.

Emotional intelligence greatly contributes to the quality of your relationships - not only with your intimate partner, but to all your relationships, including at work.

If you haven’t taken the time to develop your emotional intelligence skills, you can’t be successful with people, no matter any of your other skills. Most relationships are lost because of low emotional intelligence. Fortunately, when you develop this skill, you dramatically improve all your relationships.


Relationship Basics #3: Discuss Your Expectations

Unfulfilled expectations always create tension, frustration, anger and complaining. Sooner or later, unfulfilled expectations cause great relationship problems. Don’t fall into the trap of hoping the best for your relationship and believing that expecting the best, everything will work out in the end.

It won’t. Only a naïve person would believe this.

You’re smarter than that. You know that hope is NOT a strategy. You can’t ignore that it is vital to share your relationship expectation with your partner early on, as soon as you agree on having a long-term relationship. A good relationship doesn’t 'happen' by accident.
It just makes sense, doesn’t it?

What are your expectations about living together, sex life, work, children, household chores, each other’s family and friends? What are your expectations for managing important things like finances, holidays and negotiating each other’s needs and wants?

Get this. Your expectations, requirements and needs must be communicated, or else your relationship won't last.
If you haven’t done it already, start figuring out your non-negotiable personal requirements, needs and wants and have your partner do the same - then share them with each other.

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