How to choose an authentic online pharmacy for purchasing Levitra?

Purchasing Levitra OnlineThese days, finding out a fake online pharmacy is very difficult. To find out which is the best and genuine mail order pharmacy for purchasing medications like Levitra, one needs to know some knowledge about the online pharmacy, how it functions and other factors before coming to a decision that the internet drugstore is authentic and it only provides real and genuine Levitra pills to its customers. One of the major issues in the developed countries is the high cost of medication. This leads to the bargain hunters scavenging the internet to find the cheapest medicine available. Levitra turns out to be one of the common prescription drugs that is most scrounged for on the internet. One can never be too sure of buying Levitra from online retailers. Some internet stores tend to be sham sources for counterfeit Levitra which could severely injure the human metabolism and internal organs. For considering an online drug store to purchase Levitra from, there are certain rules that one should take note of. Choose one that clearly portrays the manufacturer and the distributor. Since these web pharmacies have a different distribution channel, they are able to sell Levitra at a reduced price. This implies that though cheaper Levitra may not be fake but being sold at dirt-cheap prices are bound to be counterfeit products. One should always determine the producer of the medicine before checking out one cart, just to be certain.

The sad state of internet pharmacies selling Levitra

In a recent review by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, it was found that only three percent of the total online retailers of Levitra were found to be genuine. The board found that over 6800 online retailers did not ask for a prescription and over 3700 inline retailers were selling foreign medicine which was not approved by the FDA. Over 2000 had servers located in developing countries and Europe. This has exposed a major vacuum for the illegal drug industry to flourish. Further, some of the websites that claimed to be in Canada were not actually based in Canada at all. Although there are genuine online drugstores being regulated by Health Canada, Canada-based online pharmacies which export its products are bound by the Canadian authorities regulations.

How to determine which pharmacy is fake and which is not?

It is highly advisable that one chooses an online retailer which has legitimate walk-in stress also. The examples of such pharmacies would be CVS, Target and Walmart. Most independent local pharmacies have also ventured into e-commerce and may have their own websites. One of the primary ways to verify the genuineness of an internet drugstore is to check for the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) symbol. This symbol is granted to only those pharmacies which meet the criterion set by the VIPPS authority. Other online pharmacies that do not have a VIPPS Symbol can be checked for verification on Another foolproof way is to check if the online pharmacy is registered with the Board of Pharmacy of the country that it claims to be established in. Most pharmacists are aware of the genuine sites and the sham ones. One can always strike up a conversation with them to find out the best suited for Levitra. However, no precaution can guarantee that the drug delivered to you will be genuine. However, to curb this hindrance, one can buy a small quantity of Levitra first to give a trial run, and check its efficiency!

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