4 Tips You Should Know when
Making Love to a Virgin

No matter what you may have heard before, making love to a virgin is something that’s scary to most guys. Why? Because a virgin girl is a clean slate. How you make love to her will be her benchmark and point of reference for the rest of her life.

Feeling the pressure yet?

You might just decide not to be her first if you get overwhelmed with the implications of taking her virginity.

Will she fall in love with you after sex?

Not always, but there's a very good chance. Love making is a very emotional experience for any woman; these emotions are magnified for a virgin.

Also, there are physical issues that you need to deal with. For example, pain will always be present when making love to a virgin.

But no worries.

You can effectively minimize it and make the whole experience much more pleasurable for your virgin partner - if you keep in mind the following four tips.

When Making Love to a Virgin Be Sensitive

First, you should know that even if she’s eager to please you, she will be nervous the whole time. This isn’t the time to go hardcore or explore popular love making positions.

Stifle your instinct to go fast or rough. Virgins have a tendency to bail out when they get too scared, so don’t freak her out by being insensitive or using dirty sex talk.

Now it’s NOT the time for that.

When you see her enjoying foreplay, keep at it. Don’t stop and shift to high gear just because she looks 'ready'. Let her enjoy the lovemaking by continuing what you’ve been doing.

When Making Love to a Virgin Reassure Her that You Know What You’re Doing

Do not fumble.

No matter what you might have told her, instinctively she feels that you must know what you’re doing. Fumbling and acting like a nervous virgin yourself will freak her out. She wants to know that she’s making love with an experienced man who can teach her the basics of better love making, don’t disappoint her.

Be confident when you kiss her all over her body; avoid asking her where she likes to be kissed. Remember, as a virgin she's exploring these sensations for the first time. Make sure you linger on one particular spot every once in a while. Above all, talk softly to her to calm her more.

Soon, she will be writhing in pleasure under your touch and you can relax more.

When Making Love to a Virgin Use a
Personal Lubricant

Not just any, but a hypoallergenic one. Why? Inducing a genital rash because your lubricant isn’t hypoallergenic is a sexual boo-boo of epic proportions!
Not only will you hurt her, she will also be forced to deal with the embarrassment of showing her genitals to her doctor. Worst of all, she may have to deal with questions like "Miss, how many men have you slept with, approximately?"

She will most likely be dry due to uneasiness and anxiety, so with that in mind make certain that she’s wet before you enter her. Use a quality, branded lubricant like Astroglide (not KY Jelly, as it gets tacky when it dries). Avoid using your saliva (it doesn’t last) or the massage oil (it’s too greasy).

When you’re using a condom, which you absolutely should, be sure to use a water-based lubricant, to avoid breakage.

When Making Love to a Virgin Slow Down

Remember this. During intercourse, enter her inch by inch and continue to kiss and caress her to reduce her tension. When you start moving in and out, be mindful of your thrusts; thrust slow and steady to avoid lacerations and chafing.

Keep these tips in mind when the girl you’re dating tells you she’s ready for the next step. Remember that making love to a virgin is not something that happens to you everyday so make sure you give your best!

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