Spice Up Your Love Life With
Practical Step-by-Step Kissing Advice!

Think you’ve mastered kissing during junior high? Think again.

This section on kissing advice has something for you whether you are just starting out or a relationships veteran. As Shelley Hess (author of "Pucker Power: Great Kissers Make Great Lovers") says, "Even the best kissers can add bewildering power."

So what makes a great kisser?

Is it the technique?

Knowing all the tips?

Having practiced all types of kissing?

No, no, and no.

You can master all the tips and techniques, but if you are not taking the time to find out what your partner likes, if you’re not kissing her as if you’re exploring new land, all the kissing advice in the world is not going to be enough!

Yes, on this section you will find:

  • all the basic tips on kissing you need when you first start out
  • good kissing techniques to impress your date on your first night out
  • different types of kissing, and even
  • advanced French kissing techniques and
  • how exactly to drive your woman wild with erotic kissing...

...but the ability to give your woman a sensuous and deeply enjoyable kissing experience, means taking your time with what leads up to the kiss. It also means being patient and willing to allow her to get familiar to you and to your body on her own terms.

Of course, she will give you subtle hints to what feels good to her; just pay attention or ask "How do you like that?" What works for a girl doesn't necessarily work for others, so the best kissing advice is to accept that you can’t possibly know how a woman likes to be kissed until you actually kiss her.

Believe it or not, a first-class kiss is one that explores and invites, like a conversation. It should be tentative at first, gentle and soft... Then gradually, allow the passion to build, making sure you pay attention to your partner’s body language and proceed accordingly. Too soon, too strong, too much turns a woman off.

Before going on...

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