How to Talk to Girls So They are
Irresistibly Attracted to You

If you’re like most men, you probably don’t have a clue on how to talk to girls, or how to make them laugh, especially when your relationship is fresh and you didn’t have a chance to know them yet.

Let’s say you walked inside a crowded room and caught a girl’s attention. You can sense her gaze. You know that she likes what she’s seeing because she's flirting. So what’s the next step? Well, you have to follow it up by talking to her.

But how do you talk to her so that by the end of your conversation she's not only interested in you, but irresistibly attracted to you?

Take a look at these four tips and the easy solution at the end:

How to Talk to Girls: #1. Be Curious and Admiring

How To Talk To Girls

Do you often worry that you have to come up with some brilliant conversation subject?

Stop. The ‘subject’ is in front of you!

A woman's favorite topic is herself, so all you really have to do is become genuinely curious and ask questions about her.

For example, she may mention that she’s new in town; ask her where is she from, how does she like it here, what’s her favorite spot, and so on.

Don’t worry that allowing yourself to become curious could make you lose control of the interaction; it won't.

Pay attention and follow up on the little flickers of curiosity you get when she’s talking to you. Ask her about it - she’ll be happy you are interested in her. Also, when you spot something special about her in what she’s telling you, communicate this: appreciate, admire, or compliment her.

Appreciating her will not only tell her that you’re actually paying attention, but will instantly make her feel a bond to you.

How to Talk to Girls: #2. Active Listening

Believe it or not, women listen differently than men. When we, men, talk, every little distraction is an interruption that breaks our train of thought, right?

But to feel listened, women need to get clear feedback. If a woman doesn't think you are listening to her, it makes no difference whether or not you are actually listenning. How do you show women you are listening and sincerely interested in what they say? You must give her these ‘listening cues’:

  • Look at her and suspend everything else you are doing
  • Listen to the feeling content beyond the words
  • Nod every once in awhile and say, "I see", "Uh-huh", "Wow", "Yes"
  • Every few phrases, repeat what she just said in your own words, to show her you got it

How to Talk to Girls: #3. Be Confident

How do you show confidence? Avoid using words that convey shyness, nervousness or needing validation, like "maybe", "err...", "uhm..."

Also, if she asks you what you want to do on Saturday, avoid responding with "I dunno..." or "It’s up to you". If you really don’t have anything planned, be ready to think up something, anything, just to avoid saying those words. Nothing is less attractive to a woman than a lack of plan and indecisiveness!

She’s talking to you, man. It means she’s interested in getting to know you more. Don't mess it up by making your conversation dull and vague. Instead, banter with her for a while and start planning ahead inside your head. Then, dish out an offer she can’t resist!

How to Talk to Girls: #4. Make Them Laugh

Okay, so you are curious, admiring, listening, and confident. By now she actually starts to like you. But that’s not enough, because you are still in the 'just friends' zone - not good.

So how do you actually make her feel attracted to you? Make her laugh.

Advanced studies have shown that it's psychologically impossible to resist the attraction of someone who has made you laugh genuinely for a few times.

Think about it. It's basic human nature to avoid pain and gain pleasure - more so for women. What do they do when they experience pleasure? They smile or laugh! Laughter means pleasure and is created by humor. Statistics show that 82% of women consistently rank humor as one of the top 3 qualities of men they want to be with.

But the sad truth is, not many of us can really claim to be funny. But making women laugh is something you can learn!

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