Let's Talk About Sex: Three Hot Love Making and Good Sex Tips to Use Tonight

Meaty, good sex tips are not easy to find. Not for free. Some even said we shouldn’t have published such explicit hot love making tips on the net.

What do you think?

Good Sex Tips

Making love and increasing your sexual intimacy is vital to the success of your relationship with your spouse, right?

Or, if you’re dating the woman of your dreams, good sex and passionate love making is a huge part of your relationship - unless "waiting till we’re married" is your arrangement, of course.

So let’s talk about sex.

Before we give you some practical, good sex tips, let’s consider one thing about the women you have slept with or will sleep with: some of them act unresponsive in bed, true?

In fact, there are women who don’t know how to please men. Want to know why?

Because they have never been taught how, that’s why.

Having said that, let’s discuss three good sex tips to teach your partner without coming across as offensive or bossy. The tricky part of teaching a woman hot love making? Do NOT insult her skills; believe it or not, she’s always on the lookout for put downs, because she knows her techniques are far from perfect.

Good Sex Tips:
#1. Teach Her How to Give You a Hand Job

A hand job is something that a woman may not be familiar with, for obvious reasons. Teaching your girl how to do it is easy if you put her in a position to effortlessly hold your member and play with it while you’re cuddling.

Take the inner part of a cuddle and guide her hand downward while she’s embracing you from behind. Gently wrap her hand around your penis and teach her how to stroke up and down. When she gets the rhythm you want, let go of her hand and encourage her to continue by moaning or groaning.

Teach her the pearl necklace technique.

What? Never heard of it? OK, here it is: tell your partner to take a beaded necklace (fake pearls are ideal) in her hands, than get her to take your member lashing of lubricant between her hands and start moving them up and down.

You’re going to go nuts, man.

Good Sex Tips:
#2. Teach Her How to Give You a Blow Job

You have to understand one thing. Most women are too self-conscious to give blow jobs effectively. Often your partner will worry that she looks unattractive while going down on you. This is a big part of the reason why she may act inhibited, inadvertently using her teeth instead of her lips.

So what do you do?

Tell her how much you like being caressed down there. Be specific. Tell her that it’s OK to lick your balls and to stroke your member while she’s licking it. Tell her that you want to feel her lips because using her teeth is hurting you.

When she takes you inside her mouth say, "make your cheeks hollow, sweetheart" - this will effectively create suction. Needless to say, it feels really good.

Remember to tell her she’s beautiful and sexy while she’s down there. This will keep her from being self-conscious while she’s taking you full in her mouth. As you can imagine, this boosts her sexual confidence, which leads to bigger things and hot love making.

Good Sex Tips:
#3. Tell Her You’re OK with Going Down on Her

Just think, most women are uncomfortable about their man using his tongue and lips on their genitals (cunnilingus). Why? Because they are extremely self-conscious about their body and think a guy might get turned off when he goes down there.

Most guys view porn, and yes, a lot of women do too. No wonder why women keep comparing their bodies to those of the sex goddesses in porn flicks. Here are some good sex tips you can use to make her enjoy oral sex and open up, literally.

Tell her to relax while you’re taking care of her. Kiss and lick her neck and slowly continue downward. The anticipation will make her juicy and hot. Approach her genitals slowly kissing her inner thighs. Pause and gently part her outer and inner lips with your hands and say, "you have a beautiful pussy".

Nothing is more erotic for a woman than being held open with gentle, loving hands.

Very softly start eating her out. Pussy eating is a delicate matter. The secret is to soften and flatten your tongue and use smooth, steady, slow rhythmic licks around the clitoral area. Saying "you taste good, honey" will take any hesitation away from her and she will start to relax and truly enjoy.

Want to drive her really wild?

Use slow, deliberate strokes of the tongue, then stop for a moment. Make her need it. Take a small ice cube in your mouth and slip it around her clit and into her vaginal opening, this will make her sizzle with pleasure!

There you have it. Three good sex tips you can use tonight with your girlfriend or wife. Hot love making is a great way of showing emotions and a pleasurable way of celebrating your love together - above all, have fun with it!

These good sex tips are very useful when you’re making love during pregnancy, obviously, along with the other love making techniques we’ve talked about.

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