Why This Free Relationship Advice Website?

Or, why another free relationship advice website?

Well, first because love relationships don’t come with owner's manual. Second, because this site for-men-only gives you the missing pieces for the biggest puzzle of all: how to understand women.

Jokes aside, this site is a practical guide to women’s mind and heart. A guide on how they think and feel, and why they do the things they do.
Here you find eye-opening answers to complex questions about couples, relationships, and ultimately, life.

Free Relationship Advice

Your life.

The information on this website is not for everyone.

Are you ready to experience life from a different perspective than the one of a macho jerk or a New Age wimp?

Are you yearning to discover who you really are--beyond your job, worldly success and possessions? Beyond your cultural background and personal history?
Do you believe in a life well-lived with the woman you love?

Do you want to get wise before you get old?

Then, the information on this free relationship advice site will resonate with you. You will recognize that awakening to your true self means shedding off all unhelpful conditioning and social programming to uncover your real, authentic and powerful self.

Whether you’re on a soul-searching journey in an attempt to find your soulmate or try to re-connect with the special woman you've married years ago, you’re at the right place. This site will help you navigate the complex world of love, relationships, spirituality and self-growth.

Having a solid background in these areas, we are progressive relationship coaches, a man and a woman who will help you see the relationship issues from both viewpoints.

We’ll give you all the puzzle bits, so you can put them together - at last!

We got this powerful knowledge over many years and after many painful lessons. We don’t have doctorates in marriage counseling and are not licensed therapists. We are not even professional writers, but what we have to share with you is proven to work.

Throughout these pages you will get to know the teachers, relationship experts and mentors who inspired this material: David Deida, Margot Anand, Alison Armstrong, Kathlyn & Gay Hendricks, Cheri Huber, Paul & Layne Cutright, Harville Hendrix, Mark Gungor, Barbara De Angelis, John Gray, Gary Chapman... to name just a few.

But do you have the time to actually check them all out? To read all their volumes of work? Can you afford to take many expensive workshops to get the powerful concepts they teach? Wouldn’t you rather have someone guide you through understanding this complex information throughout this free relationship advice site?

The information on Men's-Relationship-Advice.com will save you tons of time and money by helping you to learn what you need to know about solving your relationship puzzle once and for all.

No more frustration, hurt, or guilt.

So if you’re ready, start (or continue) to explore what we have to share with you... Check the site’s Sitemap to find the topics that interest you most.

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We hope your experience on this free relationship advice website will be worth your time and you'll finally find what you’re looking for. If so, drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you!

Blissful Love,

Serge Cohen &
Isabell Tornni

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