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I. Content Disclaimer

Men’s-Relationship-Advice.com is a free online relationship advice resource supplied only as a general information guide. The educational material presented here does not replace professional counseling or therapeutic advice.

It is your obligation to think for yourself and to verify independently such matters with a licensed professional before acting on any information presented here.

This free online relationship advice website contains materials compiled from research and sources which are believed to be correct, reliable and up to date. Although Men’s-Relationship-Advice.com makes all efforts to ensure that all information displayed on this website is accurate and current, it makes no representation or warranty in relation to such information.

Men’s-Relationship-Advice.com excludes all liability that may arise from inaccuracies, omissions, or errors in the materials presented here and takes no responsibility for such materials.

The content presented on this website may change at any time and Men’s-Relationship-Advice.com reserves the right to modify in any way the information and tools presented here.

Men’s-Relationship-Advice.com may publish content submitted by the users of this site, but holds no responsibility for such content. If you see any copyright violation please Contact Us with pertinent details and the content will be removed immediately.

This free online relationship advice website also contains links to other websites which may be of interest to you. However, Men’s-Relationship-Advice.com is not responsible for the content of any such websites. No representation or warranty is made as to the completeness, accuracy, or fitness for purpose of any material, services or goods on these websites.

In the event you obtain or purchase any materials, services, or goods from a third party, then your acquisition of such materials, services, or goods is in accordance with the third party’s Terms & Conditions and Men’s-Relationship-Advice.com has no liability to you in respect of the same.

II. Affiliate Commissions & Sponsors Disclosure:

On this site, you will find reviews and recommendations for training products that we have personally reviewed and found to be very effective and valuable. We endorse these products because we believe you will benefit from them too.

When you purchase such products through our affiliate links, we may receive an affiliate commission; however, not every product we recommend we make a commission off of, but about 90% of them we do.

Men’s-Relationship-Advice.com participates in a Contextual Advertising program, which means that you are presented ads you might be interested in, allowing us to earn a commission whenever you click on these ads (labeled "Accessory Ads"). Specific listings in the "Accessory Ads" sections are not selected nor endorsed by us; they are selected by our sponsor to generally appeal to men looking for relationship advice.

Proceeds from affiliate sales and advertising help run this website allowing us to deliver unique, cutting-edge content, free, to you. Please do support our sponsors and recommendations for a win-win-win experience for you, us and our sponsors.

III. Intellectual Property & Copyright

Men’s-Relationship-Advice.com owns all intellectual property rights in relation to this free online relationship advice website and its content (including, but not limited to, all trademarks and copyright). Written permission must be obtained to use any materials on this website for commercial purposes.

Except as permitted below, no part of this website may be displayed, reproduced, copied, adapted, translated, downloaded, broadcasted, republished or used in any form including (without limitation) distribution, or storage in a system for retrieval.

Material from this website may be reproduced free of charge only for private, non-commercial use, provided no alterations or additions are made to the content, which is not to be used in a misleading context and attributed to Men’s Relationships Advice.

The permission to reproduce copyright-protected material does not extend to any material on this website which is identified as being the copyright of a third party. Permission to reproduce such material must be obtained from the copyright holders concerned.

Any other use of material on this free online relationship advice website, including reproduction for purposes other than those noted above, distribution, republication, or modification without the prior written consent of Men’s Relationships Advice is strictly prohibited.

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