Dirty Sex Talk to
Drive Your Lady Wild Tonight

How would you react when your lady asks you to try dirty sex talk with her? You know, naughty words said in the heat of the moment.

It’s a strange request, not what women want to hear every day, and you’re willing to try anything once, so why not? In theory, it seems pretty easy to start shouting expletives at the woman you love because she asked for it, and it makes her so horny.

But, you are an educated man and you've been taught to never say bad words to women. Your years of social programming prevent you from really trying this dirty sex talk thing, and you want to know how to go about it without wanting to gargle with soap afterwards, right?

Or, looking at this from another angle, are you scared of dirty talk during sex because you might like it too much and be less than the man you are?
Whatever is causing your inhibitions, there IS a way to start your training in dirty sex talk without feeling guilty or self-conscious.

Are you ready for this?

Here are 2 tips on how to "role play" your way to giving her the wild, mind-blowing sex she craves.

1. Be Casanova tonight, baby.

Of course, you’ve heard of Casanova, the romantic Italian who made women swoon with his words and his personality. Modern day interpretation of his conquests made him seem like a shallow playboy who romanced women to get in their pants. We are not going to dwell on how Casanova’s character and wit were soiled by pick up artists and the like, but we are going to delve into what really made this guy famous: sexual talk!

Dirty Sex Talk

Scenario: While she’s getting ready for bed and in front of the mirror, hug her from behind, press your stiffening member on the crack of her butt and cup her breasts gently, while you say, "Do you know you look absolutely beautiful when you c*m? I’m going to ride you hard tonight just to see you moaning and groaning under me".

Play it up: While you’re on foreplay, go slow as you lick her ears, her lips, her breasts and her torso.

Say this before you start to make love, "in a few minutes, I’m going to suck your wet p*ssy until you c*m. But first let me have my fill of your beautiful body. I’ve been craving for this".

When you’re not using your tongue and lips on her skin, say phrases like "delicious", "so soft" and "damn, I love this".

2. "Mister, can you f*ck me like a whore?"

Stranger sex is an awesome sex fantasy, you can surely guess why it’s so popular!

Imagine yourself losing your inhibitions, and just letting go with someone you will never see again. This notion is particularly kinky for women, because their social programming is a lot stricter than yours.

Scenario: While you’re both preparing for bed, tell her you want a stranger sex role play tonight, and she should call you "mister". The key to this is timing; when to act like a stranger and when to start talking like one.

Play it up: If she gets too excited to role play effectively (she giggles, laughs at you and blushes), you can start. Approach her as she’s brushing her hair, or putting on her night gown and say "Hello miss, I have something you might like". Then, when she finally gets it, kiss her passionately and act the role.

With stranger sex, you can say anything that you won’t normally, so dirty sex talk will come easy. You can even say dirty lines like "suck harder girl, you know you want it".

Or, you can punctuate this phrase, "say, you want me to f*ck you harder", with a butt slap while you’re on doggy. Before you try this kind of explicit sexual talk, make sure you check the love making positions most suitable for dirty sex talk.

Sexual talk should be fun and light. Don't use it when you are making love the first time, don't take things seriously and never read too much into a fantasy. Sex fantasies are just there as is - they don’t have anything to do with who you are in real life. Talking dirty before or during love making is a very intimate secret that you share with your girl, and your closeness will improve because you share that secret.

Dirty Sex Talk

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