Better Love Making Guide:
Fun & Saucy Advice for Evolved Men

If you are like most men, better love making is a puzzling mystery that you can’t stop trying to solve. No matter what you do, is your woman finding excuse after excuse to avoid making love? Have sex became less and less frequent? Then your only problem is your sexuality, man.
Nothing else.

Why? Because your genitals and heart are not connected. Get this. Better love making is not about more sex, or more frequent sex, is about soulful sex.

Better Love Making

Do you really want to learn how to make love to your woman to drive her wild?

First, you should know that your woman’s emotional overload, her constant discontent, depression, tearful frustration, even premenstrual tension, are because you are not able to release her intense, fundamental feminine sexual energy during love making.

But there is a lot that you can learn about better love making, read on!

No matter which one of the relationship stages you're in, your woman will open wide to you sexually only when you learn how to turn her on. What this means, is being able to connect with her at a mental and emotional level. Engage her in a way that values her as a person. Engage her in a way that shows her you understand her wants and needs.

When she feels connected with you mentally and emotionally like this, she feels deeply loved and safe to open up to you physically as well. This way, both of you score.

But if you don’t know how to turn her on, she will only go through the motions (at best), no matter how knowledgeable of female anatomy you are, how sophisticated your technique of finding the G spot and how many love making positions you master.

It won’t matter.

In fact, better love making is NOT about having more (or even better) sex. It is about making love: expressing the love you feel for your partner in your heart through whole-body sensual touching - this is the secret to deep, mutual satisfaction in the bedroom!

Why is that our culture today is obsessed with pornography and sex? Believe it or not, it is mainly as a reaction to centuries of Victorian morality, which labeled love making as dirty, sinful and something to be ashamed of.

But sexuality and better love making, if approached properly, can take you beyond temporary physical pleasure into an actual spiritual experience.

Before going on...

Here’s the gist of it.

The differences in the flow of masculine and feminine sexual energies require a different approach to making love with your partner than you might prefer for yourself. Most of the times, direct genital touch is all the foreplay you really need, right?

But for a woman such a "direct hit" may be a total turn-off, especially when you're making love the first time.

Her sexual energy trickles down like water and warms more slowly than yours, that’s why she needs more emotional and physical foreplay to get really hot and juicy. She needs enough time so her energy flows away from her mind, to her heart and then her genitals.

Better love making starts with doing something to help her unwind and connect with her heart. Dim the lights, put on soft, relaxing music, lighten up some candles, massage her upper back, or draw her a warm bath.

Then, be affectionate to her, smile a lot and whisper words of appreciation in her ear. Continue with kisses and caresses, starting with her shoulders, hair, neck (especially her neck), face and lips, gradually working toward her body.

This helps her get out of her head, warm up, and open to you.

Then, when you initiate the intercourse, do it slowly and tenderly; let it fall into gear with the rhythm of your regular breathing. Because much of sexuality is based on rhythmic movement, better love making means to unify its pacing with the tempo of your breathing for increased pleasure for both of you.

As excitement grows, your pacing will naturally increase creating a rhythm that takes you both into a trance state. Allow yourself to go deeper into this state as you increase the speed and intensity steadily and as the breathing of your partner unifies with your own.

In this unified, soulful embrace you both ascend into ecstasy.

To satisfy your woman means to be able to give her this kind of intense pleasure out of time and space, to completely surrender, to lose yourself into her. When recognized as transcending, exhilarating and sacred, better love making gives you the deepest sense of your soul and life. It might take some practice, but it’s well-worth!

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