Master the Art of Erotic Kissing and
Have Your Partner Beg for More

Erotic kissing, the open-mouthed type of kissing French people allegedly introduced to the world, requires more than mastering the advanced French kissing techniques.

You need that special someone you are romantically involved with and... the willingness to practice.

Did you know that lips and mouth have more nerve endings than any other part of the body? It’s true. These are the most sensual parts of the body. Moreover, we come to the world ready to explore it open-mouthed, but strict social conditioning dictates when is okay and when is not to continue to connect open-mouthed exploration with pleasure.

Remember how electrifying kissing was when you knew that it was as far as you would go?

Later, while still in the infatuation stage and exploring, you practiced different types of kissing, but if you’ve been with the same partner for a long time, you probably got stuck in a rut with the same old kissing technique, right?

But variety is the spice of life, so try expanding your kissing skills to express passion and lust and have your partner beg for more!

Erotic Kissing

However, the first thing to remember when you practice erotic kissing is that you must enjoy the kiss for the sake of it, not for the possibility of things that may come after.

Find a quiet time when you feel like being close, but not necessarily going all the way.

Before kissing your woman, look her deeply in the eyes - this tells her that you're attracted to her and it’s a major turn on.

Hold her face tenderly in your hands and maintain eye contact for 10-20 seconds before starting the kiss.

You can even move your eyes from her eyes to her lips and caress them gently with your fingers.

Start the kiss with softly licking your partner’s outer lips, then moving deeper to explore her inner lips and tongue. Experiment with different variations of French kissing, intermittently inserting your tongue in your lover's mouth, circling and flicking her tongue.

Give her tiny bites on her lips, then puckered kisses, and continue then with playfully nibbling her upper and lower lips. After you first kiss, stop and pull back, open your eyes, really look at your lover, then kiss her again.

Take turns at initiating and at receiving and responding.

Erotic Kissing is Like...

...a roller coaster ride! Try and alternate different rhythms, including light and tender, intense and passionate, slow and long, quick and playful, moving from one rhythm to another, not letting your lover know what to expect next - she’ll be brimming with excitement!

For a totally different sensation and a unique perspective, approach your partner’s lips upside down - with your chin toward her forehead. Erotic kissing is about being creative, open to try new sensations and willing to consciously postpone lovemaking to deepen your connection.

And you have to remember one more thing: give your lady a hand!

Stroke her face while you're kissing. Or, place one hand behind her neck and pull her closer. Run your hands over her shoulders, up and down her arms, or caress gently the hollow behind her earlobe. Touching her tenderly or passionately while kissing increases her pleasure and makes her feel even more loved, wanted and ready to completely surrender to you.

Erotic kissing can be the prelude to love making or not, it’s up to you. But most certainly, is a biggie when it comes to increasing your connection as an intimate couple.

Now, stop reading and go delight your lover with a provoking erotic kiss!

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